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Investment Approach

  • Aloha Capital utilizes a research-driven and value-oriented approach to target asymmetric risk-adjusted absolute returns through investment in transitional and generational real estate assets within Europe. Its approach enables Aloha Capital to create a diversified portfolio that maximizes profits with a long-term perspective and short-term potential.

  • We focus on mid-scale mixed-use existing projects or developments, by targeting opportunities, segments, markets, and communities where most traditional developers see mainly difficulties or complexities.

  • Our ability to do so is the result of our experience, team cross-fertilization, and philosophy of approaching each property or project as a new exiting stand-alone business start-up.

  • Our creativity and business approach stimulate unconventional thinking and enables us to deliver superior quality properties to all stakeholders.

  • Real estate has a robust track record in Luxembourg of enhancing portfolio diversification and delivering strong risk-adjusted returns for investors.

  • At Aloha Capital, we offer expertise across all principal real estate sectors – enabling our clients to target opportunities in Luxembourg and European market.

  • Our success in real estate is built on deep local research, global insight and an active approach to investing and development of our real estate assets. In this way, we seek to enable our clients to benefit from  real estate themes such as demographic change, urbanisation, technology plus environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors

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Aloha Capital combines its proprietary research, predictive analytics, and local market expertise to identify secular trends, thematic investment strategies and mid-priced investment opportunities throughout the real estate cycle.

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Aloha Capital focuses exclusively on Residential, Office, Multifamily, Retail, Hotel property sectors within Europe. As a result, it is adept at identifying relative value across property type and region. Aloha Capital moves capital into property sectors or markets early within a fundamental recovery and rotates capital out once those property sectors or markets have fully recovered.

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Aloha Capital seeks to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns through the acquisition, redevelopment and development of high-quality, well-located real estate opportunities that has been mismanaged, under-utilized or is experiencing a dislocation in value. Once an investment’s business plan has been executed and value has been maximized, Ala Capital typically sells that asset, subject to favorable capital markets. “Buy, Fix, Sell, and Repeat.

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Aloha Capital designed its approach to risk management to (i) avoid quantifiable risks, (ii) quantify and assess range-bound risks and (iii) proactively manage risks that can result in an out sized negative value. As a result, Aloha Capital manages risk through researched-based sourcing, quantitative analysis, thorough due diligence, portfolio diversification, and proactive asset management.

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Aloha Capital targets both short-term and long-term investment strategies across its various investment vehicles, which include both closed-end and evergreen funds. The strength of a particular location, quality of the real estate and underlying submarket dynamics are the primary factors in determining the investment strategy and appropriate capital structure

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Aloha Capital utilizes a Cradle-to-Grave approach that ensures each team member is responsible for their investments from sourcing through disposition. This approach provides higher accountability and better alignment of interests between the company and its investors and promotes an environment that encourages the growth of each professional and stability among the team. Cradle-to-Grave emphasizes quality investing rather than quantity investing.

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Alignment of interest is core to Aloha Capital. It is the foundation of both the capital structure and joint venture structure that Aloha Capital implements on each investment in order to withstand downturns and unforeseen events, provide transparency and accountability, and successfully align the interests of all parties.

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In a market that is highly competitive, the need for speed is paramount. Aloha Capital keeps a flat, nimble organizational structure where the entire team is located in one central location, enabling more efficient execution and the ability to move faster and make quicker, more accurate decisions throughout the life of an investment.

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